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Simple & Surprising at Home Test Measures Your Health!

Simple test

Looking to test your health in a few seconds? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun party trick to share with all your friends and co-workers.


This test may look easy  but don’t boast until you try it yourself! Watch Dr. Rob explain:


The Sit-Rising Test

  • Start in a standing position then lower yourself to the floor into a criss-cross position.
  • The trick is to do this without using your hands or arms to brace yourself.
  • Once you’re on the floor, try to stand back up without using your hands or arms to brace yourself.
  • A perfect 10 is sitting and standing without bracing or help and a point is lost for every time you need to support yourself. 5 points  for lowering and 5 points for standing.


How Does This Relate to My Health?


The Sit Rising Test was developed by a team of Brazilian researchers in exercise and sports medicine. Their study looked at adults aged 51-80 years old, got them to perform this test then followed them for 6+ years. They concluded that those with low scores had a mortality rate 5 to 6 times higher than those who had high scores.


While most of the participants who scored low on the sit-rising test were between the ages of 76 and 80, the test is still a good way to look at overall muscle, balance, strength, coordination, and mobility. These traits are important for performing daily activities and can help influence independence as you age.


So if you can’t score a perfect 10 it’s not a sign to call your lawyer to get your affairs in order. The test can be a great way to assess things you need to work on like strength, mobility, or balance!


If you’re looking for ways to improve your Sit-Rising test and don’t know where to start, we have an AMAZING group of fitness coaches that can help you find, meet, and crush your fitness goals.


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