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Snack Ideas on the go!


Travelling is hard on our body, and especially our diet. But, with some planning and determination, travelling in the car, going to the airport or staying at a hotel doesn’t have to be the end of your health!

Here are 10 snacks that can help you stay on track when travelling:

  1. Raw, soaked and dry roasted nuts
    • Almonds, cashews, mixed nuts
    • Can often be found at airport convenience stores!
  2. Seaweed Snacks
  3. Protein shakes (if travelling to an airport, just have the protein in the shaker bottle and don’t add the water until after the security check)
    • Watch for added sugars in some protein powders
  4. Jerky
    • Can be found in most convenience stores
    • Watch for added sugars and syrups in some brands of jerky
  5. Dark chocolate (in moderation)
  6. Whole fruits (you can bring whole fruit through airport security)
  7. Veggies and hummus
  8. Cheese
    • Found in most airport convince stores
    • Go for the regular cheese instead of “low fat”
  9. Hard boiled eggs
  10. Protein bars
    • Rx bar
    • Quest bar
    • Oh yeah! One bars
    • Some Vega bars
    • Watch for excess added sugars and sugar substitutes


With some careful planning, you can easily stay healthy and on track when travelling!


Emily Grinton

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