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The Best Morning Drink For Energy (and it's not coffee!)

This drink is a perfect way to start the day and you will be surprised how much more energy you have when you make the switch!


Our bodies are made up of around 60% water and they don’t like to be dehydrated. Even a 1% loss in body water can cause a decrease in performance physically and mentally. So maybe our morning brain fog is actually dehydration and not a coffee craving!


This is important information, especially if you are an early morning exerciser or worker. You could be getting more out of your workout or work-morning by switching to this natural gatorade that will replace all of the electrolytes you lose overnight.


To incorporate this into your daily routine all you need to do is make it easy for yourself. Placing your glass or shaker cup in front of your coffee maker will simplify the process, especially if you do it the night before. This mixture won’t go bad so you can even set out the lemon water on the counter or in the fridge.


To make your own lemon water you’ll need:

  • A shaker cup or tall glass (8 -12oz)
  • Lemons or lemon juice
  • Sea salt
  • Any extras to your liking such as cucumber slices, honey, mint etc.


Not quite convinced enough to give up your coffee just yet?


Here are some extra reasons you may want to sip on some lemon water before your coffee in the morning:

  • It’s a good source of vitamin C. — Lemons are packed with vitamin C.
  • It supports digestion. — Water helps food move through your digestive system and can help soften stools to prevent constipation.
  • It could improve your skin! — Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that could help protect against free radicals that cause damage to tissues like your skin.


Try it out for 2 weeks and let us know what you think!!


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