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The Best Morning Drink For Energy (and it's not Coffee)

Sometimes are posts might seem a bit random.  This one is not about chiropractic, but it is a key ingredient for optimal health.

When we create blogs, videos and other helpful tips are mission is to help people feel better, so that they have more energy and can do more things and just plain ol’ LIVE BETTER.

When coming up with content we often centre our focus around the 4 pillars of health (hint: separate post coming up…)

This fits into this category….

This drink is a perfect way to start the day, and you will be surprised how much more energy you have when you are properly hydrated, and how much clearer your brain works!



The key to incorporating any new habit is to make it simple and take the will power out of it.   If you are like me and just reach for the coffee first thing in the morning, you want to simplify the process the night before.

– Use a shaker cup

– prep it the night before and place it beside the coffee maker (kettle or whatever the first thing you do in the morning is).


This makes an amazing ALL NATURAL GATORADE.  It replaces electrolytes and keeps you properly hydrated through OSMOSIS (remember high school!)


Try it out for 2 weeks and let us know what you think!!


Know someone who doesn’t drink enough water?  Share this with a friend!


Feel Better! Live Better.

Dr. Rob

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