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The Best Stretches To Do At Your Desk!


Most people have probably heard that you shouldn’t sit all day at your desk, but sometimes a 5 minute movement break every 20-50 minutes isn’t in the cards. A big project or a long meeting may make it tougher to get moving as much as you want to.


Dr. Rob has the solution for days when you just can’t seem to get moving!

Our Two Favourite Stretches:

Brugger Stretch

Start with your arms out to your sides and your thumbs pointed behind you. Stretch open your chest like you’re trying to touch your thumbs together. This is going to open up your chest opposite to how most of us sit every day.


Climbing the Ladder

Sitting in your chair with your palms facing forward, reach as high as you can with your right arm until you feel a stretch in your right side. Lower your right hand and then reach up with your left hand. Repeat a few times like you’re reaching to climb up a ladder. This is a great way to move your low back, mid back, and shoulders after sitting for a while.


These are just a few of the stretches you can do at your desk. If you’re interested in learning more tips and tricks on how to master working from home (or the office if you’re still there!) Dr. Rob is offering a free workshop for you and your team that can help you learn to work healthier and happier!


Dr. Rob’s workshop focuses on how to transform your work from home routine to get more done, boost your energy, avoid aches and pains and take control of your life!

Some Things You’ll Learn Include:

  1. Habits and hacks from productivity experts to boost your brain power and energy so you can do more work in less time!
  2. The best stretches our physiotherapy team recommends to prevent work-from-home pains.
  3. How to set up your home office without expensive ergonomic assessments or equipment


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