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The Biggest Mistake People Make When Exercising (And How To Avoid It)


The new year is an amazing time of year because there is such an amazing focus on health and fitness.  People are excited, motivated and eager to feel better and improve their health and fitness.


We talk to many people who are starting to workout and one of the most common fears women have when it comes to exercising is that they don’t want to get big and bulky muscles.


This fear leads them to making the biggest mistake in the gym that leads to them getting frustrated and not seeing the results that they want and expect.


This can be avoided!


Watch the video and then read about our “2 IN THE TANK” SOLUTION BELOW



When choosing a weight for any exercise, the goal is to pick the weight that you can do successfully for the prescribed reps with good form, and then even do 2 more reps but not 5 more.


For example:  If you are doing a chest press exercise for 10 reps.  You want to pick the weight that you can do 12 reps of if you had to (but you only do 10)..but you could not lift it 14 or 15 times.


If you choose a weight that you could do 15 times, but only do it 10 times – then you will not get the results you want as fast.


This is the technique we use in the PRICE FIT CLUB to get amazing results.


Want a program designed for you to take home or to your gym?  Email us to book a consultation session with our amazing Fitness Manager Bryan  (

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