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The Fit Club's Secret Circuit (+ how to do a pullup!)

Becca pull-up

Stuck in a fitness rut? We have the perfect circuit for you!

Watch Becca, one of our Fit Club Coaches, run you through a circuit that will target your whole body:

This is a perfect quick circuit to add to your existing routine or as a stand-alone mini-workout.


  • Assisted Pull-Ups 10 reps
  • Box Jumps 10 reps
  • Pushup (optional!)
  • Repeat!

The pull-ups are going to target your back, your abs, and even your glutes if you’re doing them with good form! Box jumps are going to get your heart rate up and hit every muscle in your legs. The push-up is just for fun (if your idea of fun involves pushups like Becca!).

If you struggle with pull-ups using bands can be a game changer. It’s hard to build the strength to do a pull-up without actually pulling up your body. A band is going to reduce some of the weight you’re pulling while you learn the movement pattern and build strength and muscle.
Start with a heavy band line the green one Becca used and slowly work your way down to bands with less resistance. As long as you’re consistent with your workouts, in no time you’ll be crushing pull-ups unassisted!

If you want to be able to crush this circuit like Becca but you need a little extra support, the Fit Club is OPEN and they are offering a


It’s 21 days of fun, safe workouts, custom nutrition plans, personalized coaching to keep you accountable and crushing your goals. We are focused on safe and effective workouts and want to see you in the gym! 

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