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The Importance of Posture


Good posture is something everyone notices! But it’s about much more than looks.

Listen to Dr. Rob explain why posture is about so much more!

So what is good posture?

Good posture is the ideal alignment of your body when sitting or standing. This ideal alignment allows your body to stay upright using the least amount of energy which reduces the strain and tension on your muscles and ligaments.

How does it reduce neck and back pain?

When you are in ‘bad posture’ where your shoulders are rolled forward you’re adding extra strain onto the muscles in your posterior chain. So the tiny muscles in the back of your neck and shoulders get stretched and overworked leading to pain and headaches. While your posterior muscles are being stretched out the muscles on your chest and the front of your neck get really short and tight. Short muscles and strained muscles can both cause pain over time.

How Does Posture Improve Overall Health?

Posture can impact digestion!

Slouching forward can compress certain abdominal organs. If you spend prolonged periods slouched or hunched over it can interfere with the natural movement of your organs. This can lead to increased risk of acid reflux or constipation. So if you notice you have acid reflux, adjusting your posture may bring some relief!

Posture can improve breathing.

For the same reason posture can impact digestion, it can also impact your breathing! Slouching compresses your rib cage so you don’t end up taking full, deep diaphragmatic breaths. Over time you may start to use accessory muscles like the ones in your chest and neck to breathe which can add strain to those already tight muscles!

Posture can boost your mood!

Your body is really great at talking to your brain. Your brain can influence your body but your body can also influence your brain! So if you’re in a good mood you probably walk a little taller and with more confidence. The next time you feel your mood sinking, try adjusting your posture! It can trick your brain into thinking you’re in a better mood!

If you’re interested in getting help with your posture, headaches, or numbness in your hands then we have an amazing team of chiropractors that can help.

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