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The ONLY 4 Things You Need To Be Optimally Healthy.....

Can you name all 4 of them?  Keep reading for my story about crashing and burning, and how I got a taste of my own medicine.


This is easily one of my favourite topics, as it can make the biggest impact on your overall health and well being when you start to apply all 4 pillars to your health.


When I talk to groups about improving their health and well being, the 4 pillars of health are what I focus on teaching people about, and how CONNECTED ALL OF THEM ARE.

The 4 pillars:

  • Exercise or movement
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress or Mindset


You need to optimize all of these for ultimate health, energy and performance.


I often tell the story of a couple of years ago when my daughter was first born, and we had just opened and expanded PRICE.  I was working crazy long hours, trying to do it all and be super Dad… but every couple of months I would get this crazy 48 hour flu that just rocked me and left me on the couch useless.


What I figured out, was that it wasn’t the flu.   It was burnout.  I was ignoring the pillars of health.  I was stressed.  I was sacrificing sleep. I didn’t have time to workout, and I was eating on the fly.   All this accumulated to crashing and burning.


How could I help people be healthy, if I couldn’t even be healthy MYSELF!   Something had to change.….


So I focused on ONE PILLAR AT A TIME…. I started with SLEEP!


From there I recovered my health and energy, and I haven’t had a burnout since then – yet I get more done, feel better and now have 3 kids (how did that happen!)…….


Your health is the foundation to a great life!


Focus on the pillars of health, and you can build a strong, healthy and happy life.

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