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The Power of Decisions

the power of decisionsThere are so many decisions we make on a day-to-day basis that affect our lives. We may not realize it but many of these decisions affect our health.

  • How do I start my day nutritionally?
  • Will I exercise today?
  • Should I pack a lunch for work?
  • Should I take a higher paying job with potentially more commute time?
  • Should I watch TV or do something else?
  • When should I go to bed to feel rested?
  • Should I work or spend more time with family?

 All these decisions impact our health. Whether the effect is negative or positive is dependent on what decision we make.

Everyone leads busy lives, with kids, jobs and household chores. This requires us to prioritize a daily list of things to do. We all have the same 24 hours in a day; we all prioritize differently. If we make poor decisions we will increase our risk of many chronic ailments that plague today’s society. Make sure to make good decisions. Continue your journey through life and attempt to make those decisions that put your body and health first.

I always hear people say: “I don’t have the time”.  You always have the time, it is just a matter of priorities.  Have you chosen to watch TV instead of exercise?  Depending on how busy your life is, you may have chosen to get an extra 1/2 an hour of sleep, or clean the house instead of exercise.  This comes down to a matter of priorities. Ultimately you have to choose what is important to you!

Remember: Exercise equals movement and movement equals health. Our body is the only one we get

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