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The Power of Habit - How to Keep Good Habits

People are creatures of habit. A habit is something you do regularly, or daily. It’s a pattern of behaviour and changing those patterns or adding to the pattern can be difficult.


This week we want to help you hack your habits and how to make new healthy ones!


In the book The Power of Habit the author Charles Duhigg explains why we have habits and how we can change them.


Humans tend to stick to a routine whether conscious or unconsciously. Most of what we do every day is due to unconscious habits. The order of your morning routine is habit, the route you take to work every day, what and when you eat, it’s all habit.


But, not all habits are good habits, and we might want new habits in our lives. So how do we hack habits? First you have to figure out how you’re going to fit in your new habit. There are 4 typical strategies to do this!


You can Replace a Bad Habit.
Do You usually snack on chips while you watch TV? Try swapping it out for veggies and dip or unsalted popcorn. It’s not the same but it helps satisfy that snack feeling and replaces a habit with a healthier one.


Piggy Back Other Habits
Want to join Dr. Rob in flossing regularly this year? Set your floss in front of where you put your toothbrush and floss before you brush your teeth. (I looked it up for you, it apparently doesn’t matter if you floss before or after brushing your teeth!)

Tooth brushing is an easy habit to piggy back on because most people brush their teeth every day!


Make it Convenient
If you want to be more active but your shoes and gym clothes are always at the back of your closet or hidden away, you’re less likely to think about doing it! Keep the thing you want to make a habit (running, foam rolling, stretching, reading etc) in a place where you’re going to be. The couch is a great option.


Reward Yourself
Having a reward at the end is a great motivator! If you stretch every day in a week, or if you floss for a month straight, reward yourself with something at the end.


Once behaviours start becoming habits the effort it takes goes way down!


What habit are you going to hack?? Let us know!


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