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The PRICE Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays are an amazing and festive time of year, but lets not kid ourselves, they’re stressful! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a log list of to-dos and a packed social calendar we’ve got the survival guide you need!


Dr. Rob has 3 tips for you to get through the holiday season in this week’s 2 minute tip.


Between gift shopping, cooking, and wrapping, the days before Christmas and New Years can be incredibly stressful rather than being a break from work.


Here are our best tips to help save you stress and survive this busy season!


1. Sleep
Sleep is the single most important thing to do for yourself when you’re stressed. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is ideal so make sure you’re not stretching your sleep too thin. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice certain things to make sure you’re getting enough sleep. One of my favourite ways to save time during the holidays is to use gift bags instead of wrapping presents. They can be reused and it takes less than a minute to ‘wrap’ presents in a bag!


2. Enjoy Yourself!
Depriving yourself and restricting yourself during the holidays is just going to set you up to be miserable. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed so enjoy yourself! Like Dr. Rob said, you can always undo the damage later. Convince your family to go for a walk before or after your dinner or do 30 body weight squats! Any activity counts.


3. Eat Well When You Can
While we’re giving you the green light to go all out during holiday parties, try and eat well on the days in between. Making sure you have fiber and nutrient rich foods on most days during the holidays can help fuel your body and give you the energy to get through this busy time!


4. Clear Clutter
Bags and boxes and bows oh my! All the extras coming through your house can lead to overwhelming extra clutter. Try to avoid messy holiday overflow by dedicating a single area or room to wrapping and storing gifts, Make sure everyone is on board to help keep clutter clear during the holidays.


5. Plan Ahead
If you’re travelling for the holidays try getting out the suitcases at least a few days or a week in advance. You can slowly start to fill it as you think of stuff you need. This trick saves you from the last minute scramble where you’re almost guaranteed to forget something!


6. Just Say No
As much as it seems like you have to attend every single party or function this holiday season, you’re allowed to say no sometimes!
The holidays are supposed to be a holiday! And during the holidays it’s important to take a break. Picking a quiet night in over going to a party may be exactly what you need to rest and recharge for the next social event.


Let us know your tried and true tips for surviving the holidays!



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