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The Secret Benefits of Posture

We’ve all heard that we need good posture, we should sit up and stand up straight but what if we told you that good posture is good for your health?


Watch Dr. Rob explain why it’s so important & how you can get good posture!


Improving your posture can improve your breathing, lower your heart rate, blood pressure etc.


So what is “GOOD POSTURE”?
It’s basically known as a neutral spine, or the position where the muscles that support your spine are balanced equally. It’s the most efficient way to keep you upright and prevent improper loading of your joints which can lead to pain & injuries.


A quick check in of your posture every once in awhile can help you be more mindful of how you’re sitting or standing.


Some general ‘rules’ of good posture are:


When you’re sitting, your back should be mostly straight – this helps if you have a really good/supportive chair. Your shoulders should be back and relaxed. Your ears should be in line with your collarbones and your feed should be flat on the floor.


When you’re standing try and keep a slight bend in your knees to prevent hyper-extending your knee joints!


These are good reminders but it’s almost impossible to hold these postures 24/7, so we recommend getting up and moving every 20-30 minutes or shifting your posture every 10 minutes or so. This will get your body moving AND prevent your muscles from getting stiff/tired being in the same position all day.


Now that you’re an expert on good posture; here are a few reasons posture is important!


Having good posture has been linked to:

Increased Self Esteem
People who slouch tend to have a lower self-esteem. Having good posture can help you feel and look better and taller! Feeling more confident in yourself can start from day one. Simply pay attention to your posture as you enter a room, sit down to a meal, or work on a project at your computer.


More Lung Capacity
When you’re slouched over you’re decreasing the space for your lungs to expand. Sitting up straight increases this space meaning you can take deeper, easier breaths!


Improved Digestion
Standing up straight reduces pressure on the abdominal organs which allows you to digest food more easily.


Better Sleep & More Energy
If you have good posture your body does not have to work as hard to keep you upright. This can lead to more energy at the end of the day.
Those with better posture habits also report being able to find more comfortable sleeping positions!


Reduced Stress
Those with good posture tend to move more often which reduces physical and mental stress. Better posture can improve your mood and health overall!


All of these factors listed can help you live a healthier life.


Using quick reminders as well as incorporating Dr.Rob’s awesome stretches and exercises can have you well on your way to better posture.


Come in and see how we can help improve your posture! We can help you with personalized goals and plans to get your posture where you want it to be.


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