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These Exercises Get More Results In Less Time!!

Want to get more results out of your workout in less time? Of course you do! We want to help you maximize your workout in a shorter period of time with these exercises.


Watch Dr. Rob explain why you should be adding these exercises into your workout routine!


Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to plan a workout routine. What exercises should I be doing? Should you be focusing on just one body part per session or your whole body? There is a ton of information out there, lot’s of it confusing!


We want to help simplify and streamline at least some aspects of your fitness routine! At the Fit Club we do this by always including one or two COMPOUND exercises into every single routine.


So what is a compound exercise?


It is when you combine two exercises into one movement. This targets multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously for multiple benefits!


These types of exercises use more of your body in less time AND it often gets your heart rate up for an added cardio benefit. When you’re using more muscle groups and getting your heart rate up, you also tend to burn more calories which packs more intensity into your workout.


Some of the exercises also translate directly into real-life movements. An exercise like a squat and press looks a lot like lifting a heavy bag or box from up onto a shelf. These types of exercises help build strength for everyday living.


This is why we love to incorporate compound exercises into our programs. They have so many benefits!


Compound exercises are great for all fitness levels, from beginners to lifelong lifters, and can add some variety and intensity to your workout.


Here is a list of our favourite compound exercises:

Squat & Press

squat & press








Lunge &  Press

Sqau& Lunge









Squat & Row

This can actually help improve your squat technique!








Lunge & Row

lunge & row








Combine compound exercises with isolation exercises to improve overall, functional strength and round out your workout.


Looking for more guidance in your fitness journey? Consider joining our FitClub. We offer 1 on 1 fitness coaching that helps keep you accountable so you stay on track! Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to see that it really does work!


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