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Thinking of Trying the Ketogenic Diet? This Can Help!

As some of you may know I recently became a Keto Krate Ambassader where I receive a box of low carb sugar free keto friendly snacks every month!

Check out !


The Ketogenic Diet is something that several of our Price Fit Club members have seen HUGE SUCCESS with. Your Fitness Coaches love it too!


Before I get into telling you about the awesome snacks I received first I will sum up the Ketogenic Diet. It is a fat burning high fat/low carb diet.

A few things about it:

No sugar (it’s an evil thing anyways)

MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, Butter and Bacon are your best friends!

You can drink alcohol!

You will have tons of energy and feel amazing!


My favourite products I received are:


Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa from CHOCOZERO.

This was a featured product and can be used to make hot chocolate, added to protein shakes or for my favourite use….Chocolate Pudding Pie! This delicious treat is magically Keto Friendly! If you are a chocolate fan like me check out their site for all of their other sugar free chocolate products.


Sarayo Sauce aka. Spicy Mayo!

8 grams of fat per serving and 0 carb! I use this mostly on eggs and chicken. It is full of flavour and just the right amount of spice!


Ayoba- Yo Beef Jerky!

It is tough to find beef jerky with no sugar added but here it is! This beef jerky is tender and comes in either a traditional or spicy flavour.


If you have any questions email myself or someone from our team to get a copy of our Ketogenic Diet Guide that Dr. Rob created.


Like our Facebook prafe Price Fit Club and follow @pricefitclub on Instagram for more details on these sugar free low carb delicious healthy snacks!


Kelli Wallace

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