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This one idea could change how you think about your health and life….

Everything is connected.


It’s simple.  Almost too simple.  However, when applied to your health and life it has the potential to become an extremely powerful concept.  We have written about this before, but here is a different way to think about it….


When it comes to your body, all your muscles work together to help you sit, stand, walk and perform all the activities of daily living.  As health practitioners it is important to know how they all blend together so you can identify the common compensations.  For example, very commonly knee pain is a compensation from a hip problem.  Shoulder pain is usually a compensation from poor mid back and shoulder blade movement.


Know how everything is connected allows us to fix the underlying cause.


The 1 minute exercise in the video below will blow your mind!! It is extremely simple demonstration of how everything is connected.  YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!

 how to touch your toes in seconds (click here)




Most people think they can’t touch their toes because they are not flexibile.  However, in the video just rolling the bottom of your foot for less than a minute will create massive change in most of you.


Think of what you could accomplish in only a couple of minutes a day!  It is simpler than you think!



What about your health and life?!


Small actions can have big consequences; especially compounded over time.  Just like the butterfly effect that says a butterfly can flap it’s wings in Argentina and create a chain reaction response that causes a hurricane in Texas – your actions can have the same consequences in your life.


  • If you exercise on a day you don’t feel like it, you just might be in a better mood and be more patient when your daughter asks you ‘WHY?’ for the 10th time in a row.
  • If you have gotten a good nights sleep the night before you will have more energy and be more clear headed at work the next day, allowing you to attack that big project that leads to your bonus or promotion.
  •  If you remembered to take your Omega 3 supplements regularly you will probably have less inflammation and aches and pains that allow you to be active and spend quality time with your kids or your friends.


The consequences are endless.  That is why health and healthy habits are the cornerstone to everything that we want to change in our life.

Want more energy? – exercise!

Want more money? – eat better so you can focus more at work and get that promotion.

Want more time?  – invest in sleep so you are actually alert when you are awake (wasting less of your time)

Every consequence is different for every person, but the idea remains the same.  Invest in your health and the return is compounded.


The simple things make a big difference… because everything is connected.


1- Do the toe touch test

2 – Roll the bottom of your foot with the pressure of ‘mild discomfort’ for about a minute

3 – Re-test the toe touch test

4 – Did it make a difference???? Now do it daily for 2 weeks and see if you notice a difference


What other small changes can create a chain reaction?


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