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This Workout Will Boost Your Metabolism for 24 Hours!

 What happens to your engine at the end of a long car trip? Your car’s engine stays warm as it gradually cools to a resting temperature.


Fun fact: the same thing happens to your body after exercise!


Watch this week’s video to find out why:


When you workout you’re burning calories but once your workout is complete your body continues to burn calories for many hours after! Something like a run, a bike, or a walk that is moderate intensity for a longer period of time will burn calories for about an hour after you finish your workout.


Higher intensity workouts like lifting weights or interval training can boost your metabolism for up to TWENTY FOUR HOURS after. This happens because your body temperature is going up, you’re using up energy stores, and you’re creating wastes like lactic acid.


After your workout the cells in your body are still working hard to bring your body temperature down, repair any damage, and break down any wastes. All of that requires energy so you end up burning more calories post workout. The fancy scientific term for this is Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption and it is completely dependent on the intensity of your workout.


The more intense, the longer you’ll burn extra calories. Things like heavy resistance training and circuit training are cited as being the most effective.
So adding a little extra intensity to your normal workouts could pay off big time in the long run.


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