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Top 3 Stretches To Get Out Of Pain At Home



Tight shoulders? Many people carry stress in their neck and shoulders and if there was ever a time to be stressed, it would be now.

Dr. Rob is showing you 3 easy moves you can do at home to get you through until you can see your chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist again.


Many of us now working from home may be spending a large part of our day hunched over a laptop, and now may be very familiar with shoulder tension.  Your shoulders could be a result of poor posture, muscle tension, overuse (for example, too many push-ups in isolation!), or even stress.


For myself, no matter how often I remind myself to sit up straight and maintain good posture, every now and again I look up and realize I’m huddled over with my spine rounded, shoulders high near my ears, and my neck in a weird position close to the laptop screen.


It happens to all of us!


These 3 lacrosse ball stretches are perfect for loosening up tight muscles so that you can relieve tension, move better, improve your posture, less pain, better sleep, and more patience for home school!


Upper Trap Stretch:










Start with a lacrosse ball, a yoga ball, a soft ball, or anything similar you can find around your house. Find a doorway in your house and hold the lacrosse ball over a tender spot on your upper trap and pin the ball between your trap and the doorway. Then you want to move your neck away from the door frame to stretch your trap. Repeat as many times as you need.


Chest Stretch: (1)









In the same doorway pin the lacrosse ball between the door frame and your chest. Slowly raise your arm up and down to release your pectoralis muscles.


Rotator Cuff Stretch: (2)











To target your rotator cuff pin the ball between the back of your shoulder and the doorway. Slowly bring your arm across your chest to stretch it out.


Try doing all of these 2-3 times a day, it should only take you 2 minutes which is less than 10 minutes a day!


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