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What I Have Experienced in a Decade of Training (Part 1)

Part 1: The Highschool Years


My journey began in grade 10 gym class…

16 years old- I was on to something. At this point I was working out in my grade 10 gym class and constantly researching new exercises and totally obsessed with it. Looking back, I did the types of movements that we do mainly in the Price Fit Club. Tons of lunges, squats, pushups…one of my favourites is rear foot elevated lunges! I always knew functional training using body weight, dumbbells and kettlebells were best. I stayed away from typical gym machines for years. It always made sense to me to challenge my body more then to isolate one muscle at a time.


17 years old- Lifting weights is my favourite form of exercise. This is what I started with and what I have continued for years. I have dabbled in yoga, circuit training, running, bootcamps….you name it! But lifting weights is my thing. I love deadlifts, barbell squats, bench press, shoulder presses…give me some dumbbells and I am happy! This is what I truly think shaped my body best and made me feel my strongest and happiest. Over the decade I have been training whenever I get into a rut (because trust me I have) resorting back to classic weight lifting has always gotten me back on track.

Find what you love and stick with it!

18 years old- Try new things and set new goals! Running was my obsession at the end of high school. This was never something I liked and was naturally good at. In high school gym class we had to do something called the beep test where you had to race to the other end of the gym before we heard a beep. I was never the best and I couldn’t stand that so my last semester of high school I decided I was going to start running with my friend. Him and I ran twice a week after a school and once I got going I realized I loved it!!! Later that year I signed up for the 10km Oktobetsfest run and it was awesome!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, you might love it!


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