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What I Have Experienced in a Decade of Training (Part 2)- College, Stress, and Priorities

Part 2: College, Stress and Priorities


19 years old- Make time for it! It will always be worth it. Looking back at my training schedule back in college it makes me believe in myself and that I can make anything happen in life now. I was SO busy. Legit only time I had to train was 9pm at night and I didn’t get home til after 11pm and was up by 6am the next day to do it all over again. I was exhausted and could have easily just bused right home but going to the gym was my meditation and stress release. It’s easy to skip a workout but it is harder to be unhappy with yourself for not achieving your goals.

20 years old- I finally got a personal trainer! It was the best thing I did. I wanted to get one to take my goals to the next level and to learn about personal training because that’s what I wanted to be. Having someone hold me accountable to my nutrition was the main thing. Going to the gym and working out was the easy part for me. My trainer had me email him pictures of my food every and I never wanted to send a bad picture so it made me stay on track. At this point I lost 20lbs from Nov to April. I was thrilled! Within that time I also became a personal trainer.

Not only did hiring a trainer get me my results, it also brought me into the fitness industry and into the career I love! Having that support and knowing someone believed in me even on my bad days is what made the difference.

21 years old- I was at a peak at this point. I just became a trainer and was a lean 160lbs. For the first time ever I truly loved my body. Looking back I remember I still wanted to lose weight and get more lean and to this day I have never been under 160lbs and super lean. I will always think of this as the time I truly conquered my main goal. This for me reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to. At the time though I didn’t think I was at my best though. Don’t forget that whatever your fitness goal is, it is a journey and never forget to celebrate the accomplishments along the way.

Also, I never ever want to be that small again. Seeing old photos of me then I looked skinny and I don’t like that now!

22 years old- Every workout isn’t going to be the best workout ever. Learning to take days off and rest days are crucial. Sometimes we just want to go go go and we fatigue ourselves and don’t get the most out of our workouts anymore. I use to get mad if I went to the gym and didn’t feel satisfied after the workout like I failed myself.

Sometimes we get ourselves into ruts where nothing feels right at the gym and food is a struggle. Calm down, it gets better! (If you want it to)



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