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Why September is the New January!

image11. Back to routine.  If you have kids that are returning to school – your last excuse may have walked out the door! After having a social summer with BBQs, holidays, weddings etc. most people feel ready to buckle down and get focused on their health and fitness goals. Everyone is back to work and back into their routines which makes it easier to schedule a workout into their day.

 2. The sun is still shining. In September we still get some warm sunny days which help us get out of bed early for a workout and keep us feeling energetic & generally more active by spending time outdoors. We can change up our fitness with long bike rides & hikes between sweaty weight workouts in the gym. Not only is this good for our physical health but our mental health improves when we breath in the fresh air & release built up stress or tension.

 3. Do you know Christmas is 16 weeks away?  Having a goal date for a special event is a great way to inspire us to get moving and focus on our fitness goals. It’s easier to stick to your nutrition plan and to exercise regularly when you know you have to fit into that little black dress at the holiday family reunion or work party. So use Sept-Dec to work hard and reward yourself with a little fun over Christmas.

 4. Set yourself up for a successful January! Creating good health & fitness habits now so you can cruise into the official new year. If you start now you will set yourself up with great momentum for a healthier and happier 2019.Follow us price_chiropractic_fitness 2

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