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Your Body Gets Better at What You Ask it to Do

Remember when you were a kid trying to learn how to write?


At first it was messy, your letters didn’t quite look right, and overall it wasn’t that good.

Now think about how the more you practiced, the better your writing got. Your letters were all drawn the correct way, you felt more comfortable holding a pen, and now you hardly think about how you adapted and got better, you just write.


Crazy enough, the same thing happens with your body.


Watch here to hear Dr. Rob explain how YOU ask your body to adapt every day!


The fancy term for what Dr. Rob talks about is the SAID principle – or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands.


So if our imposed demand is sitting at work for 8 hours a day our bodies adapt to that. It’s a practiced skill like learning to write!


BUT just because our body gets better at sitting doesn’t mean that it will feel good.


Imbalances in the upper body like a tight chest and a weak upper back can lead to pain and poor movement control. If we hardly ask our bodies to move, we lose the ability to move well.


This can lead to an increased risk of injury when we impose a different demand on our bodies, like when you decide to play catch with your kids and realize the next day you’re WAY more sore than you thought you would be.


Incorporating movement and stretching into your daily routine can help you prevent these imbalances and reduce your risk of injury!


Think about how you want your body to adapt for a long, healthy, movement-filled life!


Call our office and let us help you adapt today!

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