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How to Melt Muscle Tension With a Lacrosse Ball

Over the past few years, foam rollers have become a fitness staple in many people’s exercise routine. And it’s no wonder!  They’re great for improving range of motion and reducing soreness.


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But foam rollers aren’t the only way to practice self-massage or myofascial release!


Watch Dr. Rob show you a way to get those hard to reach spots a foam roller might miss.


So you might still be wondering WHY should I be doing this?

Maybe you aren’t crazy into fitness but there’s some great research to show that self-myofascial release can help make your soft tissues healthier by improving their work capacity, strength, and stamina.

Here are some more science backed benefits:

  • Increase joint range of motion
  • Help muscle performance
  • Decrease fatigue after exercise
  • Decrease soreness after exercise

We know it takes time to commit to adding something new to your routine but if you’re convinced we’ve got some tips to get you started!

1. Set Aside 10 Minutes

  • We’re more likely to do things if they’re scheduled into our day rather than waiting for ‘the time to be right’. 10 minutes is the perfect amount of time to make a difference without overdoing it. And it’s only 10 minutes!


  • Breathing through the tender points is almost as important as rolling on them. Deep breathing helps our muscles relax and may help release the tender spot faster. Try finding a sore spot and stopping there and breathing in for four seconds. Then clench the muscle where the ball is and hold for four seconds. Finally, relax the muscle and exhale for eight seconds

3. Stop if it Hurts

  • This type of release should ‘hurt so good’ but should not feel unbearable! If you can’t take a full deep breath, back some of your weight off the ball or place a towel over the ball to reduce the pressure.

Self-myofascial release is best after a workout, but you can also do it whenever you remember throughout the day.

It only takes a few minutes! Like Dr. Rob said, you can even do it at your desk!

Just like stretching, the best results are seen after consistent practice. So get rolling and let us know your favourite spot!


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