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Letter from the owners:

Price Health ownersOur purpose is to inspire our community to move, feel and be their best!!

We started the Price Fit Club as an integral part of Price Health because we realize that movement, exercise and fitness is an essential part of feeling and being your best. We pride ourselves on our small supportive community of people who are committed to improving themselves and their lives. We wanted to train people to not only get stronger, and reach their specific goals but to move and feel better so they are no longer dealing with the usual aches and pains of life. We created this special place to help people become more fit who either don’t currently have the knowledge or can’t find the help and support they need to be successful on their own or in large commercial gyms. We provide a safe, inspiring environment to learn and succeed.

Dr. Rob, Dr Jason and Dr. Tara.

With your membership you have access to:

  • Unique Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions
  • High Energy Group Fitness classes
  • Constant coaching both in the gym and out of the gym.

  • Fitness and body composition assessments
  • Ongoing nutritional coaching and lifestyle advice
  • Functional Movement Screen

Our unique system is different from anything else in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Our main focus is creating a long term sustainable lifestyle change that goes beyond just a workout, and maximizes compliance and success.
The core to achieving long-term success in fitness is strength training, which is the heart of our training program and is the key to sustainable health and fitness over time. Strength rules.

We provide leadership and guidance in fitness through training. Our approach to fitness is upright, holistic, and full body. We don’t train muscles – we train MOVEMENT. We also know you can’t out train a bad diet. We teach nutrition by the art of reduction. We do not believe in diets, we believe in seeking a healthier life through better food choices.

The #1 reason people stop going to a gym is because of lack of social support. We provide social support built right into your programming! You don’t workout alone – we provide the workout buddy for you. Our community warmly welcomes new members, and it is not long before you know everyone’s name.

Our Semi-Private Training sessions!! These personal training sessions provide an individualized workout designed just for you. However, there are up to 3 people in the gym at the same time – all being coached through their own individualized workout. This brings a whole new energy into your sessions without sacrificing the education, guidance and support you get in traditional personal training. In fact it enhances it!!

Our Sessions Are:

  • More fun – working out with other people is always better.
  • More effective – not only is our programming top of the line, but having more people support you makes you try harder!
  • More affordable – you can now share the trainer which allows us to provide this amazing service at a fraction of the price of traditional personal trainer.

Try us out with No Obligation.



Price Health Fitness Services | (519) 885-5433