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The Squat Test for Less Back & Hip Pain

Most adults nowadays are fairly sedentary. Which means we don’t move a ton, especially not through our whole range of motion!


If you’ve read our blog about your body getting better at whatever you ask it do, you know that this means if you ask your body to not move all day, it’s going to get really good at not moving.


Watch Dr. Rob show you how you can improve your mobility and get moving with this one test!


So what is mobility? and why should you care?


Mobility is your ability to move a joint through a range of motion. Not to be confused with flexibility which is the amount your muscles and tendons can lengthen.


So flexibility means that you may be able to pull your knees to your chest when you’re laying on your back.

Knee to Chest

Mobility means you can successfully and somewhat gracefully lower yourself into a similar position while squatting.

full squat


Mobility requires a bit of strength, balance, and general control of that joint!


Many of you may have already written off ever getting in this position and are thinking “There’s no way my knees are EVER going to get there”. Well I’m here to tell you, they certainly won’t with that attitude!


Anything is possible with a little dedication and a lot of hard work!


Mobility is often forgotten in many fitness and health routines but it’s so important!


Mobility is essential for proper form when you’re exercising as well as for just plain ol’ living.


Being able to pick things up off the floor, grab something out of the bottom drawer, or hand out at the same level as your kids or grand-kids are all reasons you should be working on your deep squat!


So grab onto something sturdy and do your best to get into that deep squat. We promise it will make your hips and low back feel amazing, especially after a long day of standing.


If you can’t get into the position right away don’t panic, go as deep as you can and hang out there for as long as you can. Then tomorrow try it again, then do it the day after that, and the day after that…. you get the point! .


Eventually you’ll notice yourself getting closer and closer to the floor. It will happen, I promise!


Some easy modifications that can help you ease into deep squatting is wearing shoes with a bit of a heel or even putting a towel under your heels can help.


towel squat


If there is any pain in this movement, try moving within the pain free range when squatting. You don’t want to aggravate any injuries that you may have. Come in and see your therapist to work on your mobility in a way that’s safe and works for you!


All of our amazing therapists will help assess and make an individualized plan for your specific mobility needs.


How deep is your squat? Let us know at your next appointment!


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