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How to Melt Muscle Tension PART 2!

Last week we showed you how to use a lacrosse ball to roll out your lower body.


Check it out here!


This week Dr. Rob is back with all new ways to roll out!


Not everyone can make it to their massage therapist to help work out the kinks, soreness and tight spots regularly, so using self-massage techniques like lacrosse ball rolling and foam rolling are a handy and inexpensive way to stop pain before it starts.


Like Dr. Rob mentioned lacrosse balls are super easy and compact to travel with compared to a foam roller. You can easily throw one in your gym bag, your purse, or keep one at your desk or beside your bed!


Find that a lacrosse ball is a bit too firm for you? You can switch it out for a tennis ball or yoga ball which are a little softer and just as inexpensive!


Which of these is your favourite to roll out? Did we miss any that you want to see? Let us know!


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